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Mirrors and pier glasses

de L'atelier des Cadres et Bois Dorés

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Monique MOREAU, gilder and framer,  offers you the opportunity to get your OWN HOME DESIGN , by creating for you all sizes of gilded or painted mirrors and pier glasses. We'll find together your "mirror" or "pier glass" according to your needs and budget . 


Creating gilded (with 23 carats golden leaves) and /or painted pier glasses :

Here is a sample of a LXVI styled pier glass (110*70cm) with ribbon moulding, "doucine " and garland with flowers carved in wood and gilded, "Putti" medal  (statue plaster) , and grey painted panel all finished with soft beewax sheen.

Customization is available to this and all other models. 

Prices range from 350 euros to 1300 euros (for the above dimensions) depending on the number of ornaments and time spent for the object.


We create all sizes from ready-to-use mouldings or reworked mouldings according to YOUR HOME DESIGN. Styles include  square, rectangular, mini mirrors and jewel mirrors just to get  a ray of light for dramatic effect ( from  45 euros at 25cm*25cm) .

Mirrors in solo, duo,  or trio format are also available. consider a tio design for better effect and price (as low as 110 eurios) . " A FABULOUS GIFT IDEA !"

Pictured above silver  canalled moulding for a square mirror.



Above left : Florentine style , black and gold. Above right : duo of little mirrors .


Above a very modern design of embossed golden moulding.


Mini mirrors : a perfect gift idea for home decoration !.






Media coverage : "Rêves d'encadreurs mai 2008""FrameMakers dreams May 2008" SMAC contest  La Joconde as the subject : the frame.

Location Grand-Dijon in Bressey sur Tille 14 rue de la Chevrière 21560 (Côte d'Or )

( 8 km from Dijon centre, 3 Km from Chevigny St Sauveur,  4 km from Quétigny  East Dijon, 10mn driving from CARREFOUR )

You are welcome to visit Monique MOREAU's gilding and framing workshop !


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Tel 03 80 37 06 72  ou 09 52 25 94 61 ou portable : 06 77 40 11 04, 

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