Gilding work : 

 gilding work on wood 

Gilding work on wood is still performed with the same traditional methods  used in the  18th century,

 which ensures the restoration will retain the originality of your object of art.

Raw materials and tools used :  rabbitskin glue,  calcium carbonate "blanc de Meudon", water, bolus Armenus, ocre pigments ,  mixtion varnish, 22 /24 carats gold leaves,  beewax,  set of tools (all kinds of brushes, agate stone, cissors.....).

There are two ways to gild with gold leaves 

   *the wet method (with water),

   *and the varnish mixtion method, used since the  end of the 18th century.

These methods involve long processes (up to 18 steps and drying time between steps) that ensure a very high quality of gilding with the 22/24 carats golden leaves.

The craftsman in gilding will advise you on the best options to restore your object (total or partial restoration ) after having analysed your item considering the period of manufacturing and the style  .

Our atelier also proposes creations  (mirrors, frames and pier glasses) to cater to your needs.



The picture sabove show the restoration work done on a frame.


Restored 19th century frame (above left) and Louis XIV regional mirror (above right). 


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