Framing :

The essential rule : The function of a frame is to highlight the subject, not to be in competition with it. Its role is to enhance the subject, to protect it, and ultimately to be in harmony with the home decor.

Framing is a major element of interior home design.

It balances the subject and the moulding with the use of a simple, double,  triple or decorated mat , or watercoloured mat, and other techniques.

It elevates beauty, refinement and originality of the object of art and creation possibilities are endless ! 

Professional advice  is the framer's added value !

We provide expert advice to help you make your framing selections. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed !

We offer framing services for drawings, carved drawings, estampes, watercolor, embroideries, oil paintings, and more...

Also framing for ethnic fabrics : Columbian Molas, batik, etc...

framing  for pictures, diplomas, all types of postcards, or little objects , etc...

A large choice of quality mouldings


Different styles of which these examples                        





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